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Links Near Center of FM29aw (Online only)

As of: 08/16/2022 08:12 UTC

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Call Description Node Latitude
Ant Last
Comment Last Update
VK6ZGN-L Willetton, Western Australi 909122 31°58.12' S
115°51.72' E
OF78wa 11590.5 146.750   25 10 4dB
Online On @ 2335 [0/10] 8/16/2022 08:05
VK6KBY-L Bunbury, WA, AU [0/20] 794789 33°19.50' S
115°38.22' E
OF76tq 11661.9   77.0      
Online On @ 0620 [0/20] 8/16/2022 08:08

About This Page

This page is intended to help RF users find EchoLink simplex or repeater links within range of their location.

The table above shows information collected during the past several minutes from EchoLink "sysop" stations (those with a -L or -R suffix). The only stations shown are those which have entered location information on the RF Info tab of Sysop Settings. The full list of active links can be viewed here.

Simplex links (-L) show the location, frequency, and antenna information of the link itself. Repeater links (-R) show the location, output frequency, and antenna information of the repeater it serves. The values in the Power, HAAT, and Antenna columns are approximate.

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