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EchoLink is offered free of charge to the Amateur Radio community, and is supported by a small network of volunteers.

Experience has shown that the majority of questions about EchoLink are similar, and can be answered by reading the Help documentation or one of the Frequently-Asked Questions sections.  Most likely, you'll find that your particular question or problem has already been answered or addressed.

Please choose one of the links below to find answers to frequently-asked questions. 

General Topics
Installing the Software
Callsign Validation and Passwords
Problems Connecting to Other Stations
Problems Connecting to Servers
Basic Operation
Advanced Operation
Audio Issues
EchoLink for iOS
EchoLink for Android
EchoLink Web
Firewall Solutions
EchoLink Proxy
Conference Servers

If you are writing about a possible bug, please first check the section Known Bugs to see if the issue has already been discovered.

Did you forget your password?  Go to the Password Reset page.

Does your callsign need to be validated?  Go to the Validation page.

If you still need help, and you have a question that isn't answered in the FAQs above, please fill out the form below and your question will be directed via e-mail to someone who can help.  Be sure to include your own e-mail address if you expect a reply.  Your patience is appreciated by those who devote their free time to supporting EchoLink.

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